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What are Victim Service Providers' Perspectives during COVID-19?

Recently, the National Center conducted a survey to ascertain victim service providers' perspectives on issues and concerns they're seeing across the country during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


Of 420 survey respondents, several key themes were identified, including:

  • COVID-19's greatest impact is on direct services (i.e., service availability and understanding how to deliver services) -- organizations need support in modifying service delivery approaches and instituting management and organizational adjustments to support these new approaches (e.g., policies, procedures, technological infrastructure, and training);

  • the landscape of available victim services has significantly changed (e.g., service providers have been unable to adapt to remote delivery, discontinued or temporarily stopped services, or faced court closures);

  • disruptions in revenue and donation streams and a decline in volunteer availability, and interruption in partner services (e.g., discontinued or temporarily closed) undermine service delivery capabilities;

  • organizations are attempting to adapt quickly -- many seek guidance on model approaches to service delivery, organization, and management during COVID-19; and

  • an abundance of information from a diversity of sources overwhelms organizations focused on meeting immediate and critical needs -- there is a need for triaging information and identifying and synthesizing its practical application to their organizations’ services.

Read the entire survey report here.

To network and support service providers during this time, please visit the National Center's dedicated Facebook group here.

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