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Prosecutor Focus Group: Perspectives on Crime Victims, Violent Crime Reduction, and TTA Needs

In May, the National Center and the CNA Institute for Public Research conducted a focus group with prosecutors from around the country, eliciting their perspectives on service provision and relationships with crime victim communities, violent crime reduction, and related agency TTA needs.

Below are a number of key takeaways. Read the full focus groups report here.

  • Victim and witness cooperation are complex issues often preventing successful prosecution of violent crime cases

  • TTA focused on promising practices for reducing victim and witness fear, intimidation, and lack of trust in the justice system is needed

  • Prosecutor agencies should identify community-based resources that meet the needs of victims of violent crime and determine how best to link victims with those resources, which will build trust in the system

  • Prosecutors believe TTA should focus on law enforcement and improving their utilization of trauma-informed, empathetic, and supportive practices and culture, though newer prosecutors could use TTA on effectively communicating with victims as well

  • For new and foundational TTA, in-person delivery is most appropriate; virtual delivery is appropriate for presenting updated and/or advanced TTA content

Stay tuned for future resources!

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