FY 2020 Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Solicitation is Released

The Bureau of Justice Assistance has released grant solicitation "FY 2020 Project Safe Neighborhoods." The National Center encourages you to read the program description below, download the solicitation, and apply if your team is interested!

Grant Description

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is designed to create and foster safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in violent crime. The program's effectiveness depends upon the ongoing coordination, cooperation, and partnerships of local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies working together with the communities they serve.

With PSN, each U.S. Attorney's Office is responsible for establishing a collaborative team of federal, state, local, and tribal (where applicable) law enforcement and community partners to implement a strategic plan for investigating, prosecuting, and preventing violent crime.

Through the PSN team, each district will implement the five design features of PSN—leadership, partnership, targeted and prioritized enforcement, prevention, and accountability—to address violent crime in their respective districts. PSN also encourages the development of practitioner-researcher partnerships that use data, evidence, and innovation to create strategies and interventions that are effective and make communities safer. 

Download the solicitation here.

Please reach out by using our contact us page if you have any questions!

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